Prochaine séance du séminaire Critique des ontologies sociales : Lotte Buch Segal (10 avril 2021)


La prochaine séance du séminaire Critique des ontologies sociales aura lieu: 

le samedi 10 avril 2021,

de 14h30 à 16h30

en visioconférence


Inscription obligatoire:…-ov93pfd6


Lotte Buch Segal (Université d’Édimbourg)

The realities of pain


With a point of departure in ethnography of political violence I will compare how the experience and expression of pain might be cast, on the one hand, as universal or particular, or natural or cultural, within analytical approaches inspired by the ontological turn in the social sciences and, on the other hand, analytical approaches embracing a so-called realistic spirit as it figures in ordinary language philosophy. The analytical consequences of either are discussed with an emphasis of the possibility, or denial, of knowing and acknowledging the pain of the other, hence contributing to the debate around the political purchase of the ontological turn.


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