Prochaine séance du séminaire Wittgenstein: Maximilian de Gaynesford (2 avril 2022)


La prochaine séance du séminaire Wittgenstein aura lieu

le samedi 2 avril 2022, de 10h30 à 12h30, en salle Lalande

Voici le lien pour s’inscrire


Nous aurons le plaisir d’écouter: 


Maximilian de Gaynesford (University of Reading)

« How To Do Things with Attunement: On Poetry and Philosophy »

Ordinary language philosophy has a troubled relationship with poetry. But we are beginning to see beyond the various polemics launched by Austin, Derrida, etc. In this talk, I shall use Samuel Beckett’s poetry to demonstrate ways in which the relationship can be mutually beneficial. Poetry calls out for a speech act approach: we can use it to gain a more discriminating sense of what is going on in these uses of language. And equally we can use poetry to gain a more discriminating sense of how to pursue a speech act approach: it focuses attention more acutely on features of language-use, some being peculiar to poetry and some being shared with non-poetry.

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